With the Harley-Davidson Audio Interface Kit (Brochure) from Kennedy Technology Group, Inc., a wide array of cell phones, Alert Devices (e.g. radar detector, GPS) and two way radios can be heard in the rider and passenger's headsets.

NOTE: Audio from your devices will not go out over the bike's speakers. It is available only in the helmet headsets.

The photo below shows the system installed with a DualSet for Alert Device audio input, an Intercom Audio Interface for cell phone, and an FRSet for FR/Amateur Radio.

For clarity, the Alert Device, cell phone, radio and power harness are not installed.

This system is not compatible with pre '98 models and Kennedy does not currently offer - or plan to develop - a system for pre '98's

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Price (USD)

Assembly Drawing

Installation Instructions
 Amp Module Kit

This kit includes the mounting bracket and interface between the bike's audio system and the Sub Modules



 (user guide

Intercom Audio Interface Sub-Module

For use with a cell phone, a cell phone harness must be purchased. This sub module is required if an FRSet Sub-Module is to be installed.



DualSet Sub-Module

This sub module allow you to connect up to two alert devices. Device harnesses and Power harnesses must be purchased separately 




 FR/SingleSet Sub-Module

Connect to a wide array of Family and Amateur radios and one Alert Device. Radio harnesses sold separately. Radios are keyed by a PTT Bracket Assembly







1. Install it yourself. You should be relatively skilled at making electrical connections, although no soldering is required. Review the installation instructions included in this web site to see the details. You cannot be colorblind and perform these installations

2. Have your dealer install it. Encourage them to become a dealer for Kennedy Technology Group. Have them call us at 316-776-1111 or fill out this dealer application form.

3. Ship your bike to us for a factory installation. Installation cost is USD300.00 for handlebar mounted devices. Dash mounted devices add $150.00. Shipping is approximately USD1000.00 round trip. Freight is prepaid on in-bound, collect on out-bound

4. Let us install the system at your facility or nearest General Aviation Airport. Cost is USD1500.00 + all air and ground transportation. These expenses must be pre-paid. If this a private runway, please allow minimum 2500 ft length.




#25 Torx nut driver
Large Phillips head screwdriver
3/16" wide blade flat screw driver
1/16" wide blade flat screw driver
Thin Needle nose pliers or hemostats (preferred)
Iso-Tip, Micro heat gun (Kennedy part # 35021)
Razor Blade

#6 hex nut driver
Medium Phillips head screwdriver
Diagonal cutters

Long shank ball end socket (Snap-on #FABL6E)
Long, 3/8" wide blade flat screw driver