When DualSet is connected to the bike's intercom system and a pair of Audio Alert Devices (typically a GPS and a Radar Detector), and the bike's intercom system is "on", the Audio Alert Devices output can be heard in the Driver and Passenger's helmet headset.

A wide array of Device Harnesses (sold separately) are available for the most popular Audio Alert Devices.

If the bike's audio system is configured to mute music when passengers speak into the intercom, then the system will mute the music when either Audio Alert Device gives it's alarm.

DualSet is installed between either the Driver or Passenger's headset and the bike's intercom system. A variety of Intercom Harnesses (sold separately-see table, below) are available.

Connecting DualSet to its Harnesses is easy: Connect the Audio Alert Device Harness audio connector to DualSet's audio connector; connect the Device Harness power connector either to DualSet or to a Power Harnesses (sold separately). For more information on power connections view "Power Hook Up Options" in the table, below.

MSRP - USD 65.00 (DualSet Module only- Power, Device and Intercom Harnesses sold separately)


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