Below is a list of radio models and their associated KTG Harness.

Where Harness information is missing, no harness exists.

A "?" indicates Harness compatibitlity is unknown.
Manufacturer Radio Model KTG Harness
Alinco DJ-195/196 MWA
Alinco DJ-S41 MWA?
Alinco DJ580 MWA
Alinco DR610 ?
AudioVox GMRS6000 SPTA -3.5
AudioVox GMRS9010 SPTA -3.5
Chatterbox 27AH MWA?
Cobra 220 ?
Cobra 240 - 245 - 350 - 375 - 550 - 3000 - 3100 - 3175 - 4000 - 4200 - 4250. MRHH100, MRHH200. spta - 2.5, short
Cobra 34 MWA
Cobra 37ST MWA
Cobra 45WX MWA
Cobra C75WXST
Cobra LI7200 spta 2.5 short
Cobra PR 4750 MWA
Cobra PR 945 MWA
Cobra PR 955 MWA
Cobra PR3850 ?
Cobra PR560 2.5 spta - short
Cobra PR590 2.5 spta - short
Garmin Rino SPTA -2.5, long
iCom 208H T2800
iCom 229 IC28A
iCom 2720H T2800
iCom 28A/E IC28A
iCom 706 T2800
iCom CT7H MWA?
iCom F21GM MWA
iCom IC-4008A MWA?
iCom IC-T81A MWA
iCom IC2800 T2800
iCom IC2AT ?
iCom V-8000 T2800
Kenwood 707 T91
Kenwood 733 T91
Kenwood 742 T91
Kenwood D710 T91
Kenwood TH 75A th79
Kenwood TH 78A ?
Kenwood TH D7A TH79
Kenwood TH G71A TH79
Kenwood TH-F6A, TH-F7E TH79
Kenwood TH22AD ?
Kenwood TH28 ?
Kenwood TK-280/380
Kenwood TK-290
Kenwood TK-3101 kw14
Kenwood TK-3131 kw14?
Kenwood TK-350 kw14
Kenwood TM 251A T91
Kenwood TM-D700A T91
Kenwood TMV7A T91
Kenwood UBZ-LH68 KW14
Maxon 27MBC
Maxon HCB-10B MWA
Maxon HCB-10C MWA
Maxon HCB-30A
Maxon HCB-40WX MWA
Maxon SP100
Midland 73-005A,73-030, 75-400,75-501,75-785,75-786,75-810,75-820,75-822 MWA
Midland 75-730 MLD?
Midland 75-784 MWA?
Midland 75-805 MLD
Midland 75-810 MWA
Midland 75-820(822) MWA
Midland 75-830 MLD
Midland ALAN 42 MWA
Midland ALAN 711
Midland G15 MWA
Midland G225 MWA
Midland G227 MWA
Midland G30 YFT50
Midland GXT-300/400/500(note)/600 MWA?
Midland WX38ST
Motorola 280SLK SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola FR50 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola FR60 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola FV800R
Motorola GP300 MWA
Motorola GP350 MWA
Motorola MTX9250 ?
Motorola SP10 MWA
Motorola SP50 MWA
Motorola SX710R, 700 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T289 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T4800 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T5300 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T5720 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T5950 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T6220 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T6300 series, T6400 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T6310 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T6320 SPTA -2.5, long
Motorola T6400 SPTA -2.5, long
Pryme AT600 MWA
Radio Shack 21-1917 ?
Radio Shack 21-1935 SPTA-C/P
Radio Shack 21-1936 SPTA-C/P?
Radio Shack trc241 MWA
Radio Shack trc514 MWA
Radio Shack trs234 MWA
Uniden GMRS380 ?
Uniden GMRS720
Uniden PRO350XL UNI
Uniden PRO520XL ?
Yaesu BD-J580 MWA
Yaesu FR1438 ?
Yaesu FT-1500 MH-48A
Yaesu FT-2600 MH-48A
Yaesu FT-2800 MH-48A
Yaesu FT-50, FT-60R YFT50
Yaesu FT-530 MWA
Yaesu FT-7800 MH-48A
Yaesu FT-8800 MH-48A
Yaesu FT-8900 MH-48A
Yaesu FT-90R FT90
Yaesu FT857D ?
Yaesu FTM-10R FTM-10R
Yaesu VX150 Yft50
Yaesu VX170 MWA
Yaesu VX5R YFT50
Yaesu VX7R MWA with Yaesu OEM adapter