For Aircraft with General Aviation Style, (dual jack) connections.

CellSet Model GA5000-2M


First and foremost... no installation is required!

GA5000-2M plugs in line between your headset and panel. There are plugs and cord sets to connect it to your cellular telephone, auxiliary audio/music source (e.g. MP3 player) and the plane's cigarette lighter receptacle. GA5000-2M can also operate off its 9 Volt battery (standard type).

In the absence of cell phone or auxiliary audio, GA5000-2M sleeps. In this state, it pulls only micro-amperes of current and can remain asleep for over 10,000 hours if running on it's 9 Volt battery. Once audio is detected from either the cell phone or the auxiliary audio source, GA5000-2M wakes up to amplify those sources and sends them to your headphones. Once those audio sources become silent, GA5000-2M goes back to sleep.

GA5000-2M prioritizes audio: If you are listening to music, any incoming cell phone or panel audio will make GA5000-2M mute the auxiliary audio and give priority to those sources. Panel audio will not mute cell phone audio nor will cell phone audio mute panel audio.

In the case of a panel failure, GA5000-2M will bias your headset microphone and allow you to make and receive phone calls.

GA5000-2M are available in a the following configurations:

2.5mm Universal  - For phones with a universal, 2.5 mm diameter, three conductor headset jack.

3.5mm Universal - For phones with a 3.5 mm diameter, four conductor headset jack (e.g. iPhone and Droid)

Please specify your phone make and model so that the proper configuration and/or adapter is added to the order.


Download Assembly Drawing as .pdf

Cost: From $319.95 (depending on configuration) plus shipping. 30 day money-back guarantee!

Not compatible with Bose Headsets when Bose control box set to "MONO"

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