For Bose Aviation Headsets

(with 6-pin panel mount connector)

CellSet Model LRC


This CellSet works with any cellular phone with a 2.5 mm or 3.5mm headset jack*. It allows you to speak on and listen to the phone through your Bose headset. Just connect it between your headset and audio system. The unit works independently from your radio/ICS, and you can continue to use your radio/ICS when CellSet is powered off. It completely isolates your conversation from other crew members, but allows you to continue to monitor radio/ICS communications.

An auxiliary audio input connector and cable is included to allow you to listen to your portable CD or cassette player (except iPhone configuration - stereo audio is input via cell phone cable).

Please note: This model CellSet does not provide mic bias voltage.  For applications in which no panel provided mic bias is available, please click here


Available Configurations-

2.5 mm Universal - For most phones with a , 2.5 mm diameter, three conductor headset jack. This includes all Motorola, most Sanyo, Samsung, and Kyocera phones. Many Ericsson and Nokia phones do not have this connector, but may use an adapter to connect to this CellSet.

3.5 mm Universal - For most phones with a 3.5 mm diameter, four conductor headset jack. This includes iPhones and Droids. 

There are two versions of the 3.5mm Universal configuration: One has an auxiliary audio input jack, the other does not.  The unit with the aux audio jack amplifies only the left channel of the cell phone: the aux audio input is full stereo.  The unit without the aux audio jack provides full cell phone stereo (preferred if you stream music).

Cost: $450.00 plus shipping.


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