AuxSwitchADSet allows you to connect two stereo sources and one alert device source to your bike's auxiliary input. It is a three input, ground loop isolator with auto sense switching between active input sources. This device is designed to connect to an intermittent audio source, such as a satellite radio or combination GPS-MP3 player, a secondary audio source, and an alert device such as a radar detector.

Each music has been assigned a priority: Primary and secondary.

Music Audio Switching

If no audio is present on the primary music channel, audio from the secondary music channel is presented to the bike's auxiliary input.

When music audio is present on the primary channel, AuxSwitchADSet presents music from the primary channel to the bike's auxiliary audio input.

Alert Audio Switching

If alert audio is present on the alert channel, both the primary and secondary music channels are muted.

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Music Channels:

Primary - Satellite radio.
Secondary - MP3 player (iPOD)

Alert Channel:
Radar detector

In this configuration, the MP3 player is "on" and always playing. If there is a strong signal to the satellite radio, its audio will be heard. If the signal fades, audio will switch back to the MP3 player after an eight (8) second period of silence.

A GPS alert will mute the music source. A radar detector alert will mute both the music and any GPS alert that may be present.


Music Channels
Primary - Combination GPS/MP3 (e.g. an iWay).
Secondary - Satellite Radio
Alert Channel
Radar detector

If the iWay is used in its GPS mode and issues an alert, it will be mute the satellite radio music Audio will switch back to the satellite radio after a two (2) second period of silence. If the iWay is being used to play music, audio will switch back to the satellite radio after an eight (8) second period of silence.

A radar alert will mute the current music source.

Jumpers located inside the AuxSwitchADSet enable you to attenuate the alert audio


Power, Auxiliary, Stereo Device, and Alert Device harnesses are available to connect the base unit, stereo, and device harnesses to the specific bike make and model, and stereo and alert devices


MSRP - USD 125.00 (base unit only, power, Aux audio, stereo and device harnesses sold separately)




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