AuxAmp2 is a stereo headset amplifier designed to allow a user to connect his conventional 5 pin DIN headset to a multifunction GPS or cellphone (e.g. zumo, nuvi, iPhone, Blackberry). 

connects to these devices via KTG’s Alert Harnesses, Stereo Harnesses, GPS Harnesses, or KTG audio switchers (e.g. AuxSwitchSet).

AuxAmp2  comes suppled with a power harness (and a variety of power splices and lugs), and a 6 ft. long, weather booted, 5 pin DIN female headset harness.

AuxAmp2  contains a power filter that will supply up to 3 Amps of filtered current from the vehicle’s power source to the user’s audio device.  The 3 Amp output is internally fused via a solid state device.

AuxAmp2 has two gain ranges, selectable by the rider.  A high gain range is available for conventional headset headphones; a low gain range is for earbud users. 

AuxAmp2 has an alert device input (compatible with all Kennedy alert device harnesses) that can be set to mute the stereo or GPS source audio. 

Cost: $95.00 + shipping.

AuxAmp2  was designed to connect to dynamic (passive) microphone elements.  While these elements exhibit excellent noise rejection, they are still susceptible to the effects of wind noise and vibration.

Wind noise can be minimized by encasing the microphone element in a stiff, plastic enclosure and by allowing audio to access the element via two or three small (1/32” diameter or less) holes placed directly over the element’s membrane. These small holes require the microphone be positioned close to, and directly in front of, the user’s mouth.

Full face helmets: The microphone element should be as physically insulated from the helmet as possible.  This will lessen the amount of wind vibration transmitted from the helmet to the microphone element. The use of foam padding and rubber will be required.

Three quarter and half helmets:  The microphone  is not as susceptible to helmet vibration, due to the boom element

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