CellSet Models H/9B/HDT and Model H/9B

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These CellSet models work with any cellular phone with a 2.5 mm headset jack* . They allow you to speak on and listen to the phone through your headset. The units work independently from your radio/ICS, and you can continue to use your radio/ICS when CellSet is powered off. They completely isolate your conversation from other crew members, but allows you to continue to monitor radio/ICS communications.

They are available with Nexus or British NATO connectors (ASTL 10).

They can be powered either by a standard 9 Volt transistor radio battery or a cigarette lighter connector (12 or 24 Vdc).

An auxiliary audio input connector and cable allows you to listen to your portable CD or cassette player (except iPhone configuration). All cables are included.

Cost: $409.95 (add $30 for British NATO connectors) plus shipping.






"What phones are compatible?"



We may have an adapter to suit your needs.

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